A Mental Health Roundtable Conversation

brought to you by Mental Health America of Dutchess County

Radio Woodstock is committed to bringing Mental Wellness to the forefront in 2023 with a series of roundtable discussions that will open the conversation or break down the barriers and fears that may be present in the listeners' lives.

Addiction and Mental Wellness: A Family Affair

Moderator: Andrew O'Grady

Panelists: Dr. Larry Force is set to make a comeback; he's renowned as the pioneer behind a groundbreaking addiction treatment approach known as "Intersections." In addition to his innovative work, he holds the position of a professor at Mount Saint Mary College.

Eileen Linn, on the other hand, is a dedicated mother whose loved one battled addiction and has successfully embarked on the path to recovery.

Kathryn Sajdak, a graduate of Vassar College and Boston Graduate School of Social Work, She had worked in a variety of private and public setting as an educator, therapist, and community organizer.

Addiction and mental health affects everyone - this isn't just an individual disease - but it's a family disease. We will explore the dynamics of trauma experienced by those closest to individuals who suffer from addiction, their long-term journey, and impact it has had on their lives. We will share tools and stories that can lead to healing and forgiveness. Onstage we will invite a therapist who works with family addiction along with two individuals who have been affected by a family member who is an addict.