Solar Generation


Solar Generation

The Case: Solar Generation in Kingston wanted to reach and influence a very specific new customer base they engaged Radio Woodstock Digital service to provide ideas and solutions:

The plan: Utilize Radio Woodstock’s creative services team to create a digital campaign that looked great, targeted Residential and Commercial business owners in the Hudson Valley, who were interested in, searched for, researched, and showed interest in Economical, environmentally friendly/Cost Saving alternative of Solar energy products:

Execution: Utilized highly targeted data-driven digital display ads. Lead Generation and audience targeted Social media, Facebook and Instagram ads, Site retargeting, and email marketing.

Results: In just 60 days Solar Generation began gaining leads and inquiries. Website traffic increased over 40%, and a steady stream of highly qualified leads continued to come in. Customer conversion rate and contracted jobs with a very high return on investment have kept Solar Generation as a steady Digital and Radio advertiser for over 3 years. Owner Paul McMenemy states “Radio Woodstock and Radio Woodstock Digital Services provides the best-targeted results for our business” They understand how to reach the right audience and consistently provide excellent service and knowledge”