An Olympic feat tonight at Helsinki's Olympic Stadium, as Bruce and the E Street Band make the myth real, finally doing what the legends say they've done for years: play a four-hour show. Four hours and five minutes, actually, Springsteen's longest show to date by a fair margin — and that's not even counting a special acoustic set before the main event.

Early arrivers got to hear solo performances of five songs, including premieres "I'll Work For Your Love," "Leap of Faith" (Bruce remembers he released music in 1992!), and "Blinded By the Light." After shaking hands and collecting signs for ten minutes or so, as Charles Landau reports, Bruce "came back to the microphone to say, 'Thanks to all you regulars and thanks for making it a lovely summer for us, and we'll see you in a little while!'"

The concert itself, opening the Euro leg-closer appropriately enough with John Fogerty's "Rockin' All Over the World," went on to debut an additional four more songs for the Finns: "Back in Your Arms" in the main set, and in a blow-out encore, "Detroit Medley," "I Don't Want to Go Home," and "Higher and Higher." Other rarities along the way: "Loose Ends," "Prove It" with the '78 intro, "Bus Stop," "Be True," a scorching "Light of Day," and one Jon Landau on guitar.

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