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Woodstock Roundtable - 04/07/2013

April 7, 2013

7:00--7:25 Intro, horsing around, Joe Raiola, Susan Rosen
7:30--7:55 More Improv
7:55--8:00 The Sultan -Hi DG, Owie. This is a little segment from my [ Gus Mancini's Sonic Soul Band ]Featuring Peter Head guitar, Ruperto Ilfill drums, Michael Colletti on Bass. It's called (Bumpin' With The Light) NOTE: My band will be doing its debut performance on Wednesday night April 10th @ Harmony in Woodstock 9:30 pm start. Be well everyone Peace g/
8:05--8:25 Chris Hewitt, Founder/Publisher, Country Wisdom News, Maria Reidelbach, writes the Yardavore column, and is an artist and author whose work embraces the intersection of folk and pop culture and whose projects are a unique hybrid of intelligence and humor; author, Completely MAD: A History of the Comic Book and Magazine, and Miniature Golf; David McCarthy, writes the New Economics column. Creator of Dharma TV
8:30-8:50 Chris, Maria, and David, continued
8:55--9:00 Closing, Patrick Carlin Eminent Street Philosopher

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