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Little Steven's Underground Garage - 01/27/2013

January 27, 2013

Hey baby, Little Steven here with our Underground Garage weekly pop quiz.

If you were a teenage boy, what would be the most frustrating thing in the universe? What would be so complicated a problem, that no matter how old you get you would never figure out? And who is it that you can’t live with, but they let you cheat off their papers during tests?

That is correct, it’s girls, and we got them this weekend in the Underground Garage.

Pop queens, rock dolls, and girl groups. We are talking about the Chiffons, the Crystals, the Cookies, and the Shangri-Las.

Helping celebrate them we got the Who, the Beatles, the Stones, and the Ramones.

Brand new music from Palmyra Delran, the Launderettes, the Noisettes, Suzi Chunk, and the queen of all Rock n’ Roll chicks, Genya Ravan.

It’s wall to wall chicks, groovy girls, and crazy brauds this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ roll dance party on the radio.

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