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Woodstock Roundtable - 07/14/2013

July 14, 2013


7:00--7:25 Intro, conversational iimprov with Co-Host Emeritus Joe Raiola, senior editor,
MAD Magazine and Woodstock Roundtable Poet Laureate, Victoria Sullivan
7:30--7:50 Kathleen Henry, ordained priest considered a heretic by the Catholic Church,
author of the new novel, Critical Mass Phoner:
7:55--8:00 The Sultan with special guest musician, blues harp player David "Froggy" Laks
Hi DG and Owie. I'll be playing this track with David on blues harp and Sax live
in studio. Promoting D2 playing at Harmony on Friday night and the
Rosendale street fair on Saturday afternoon. See you on the radio.
The Sultan Of Sonic Soul
8:00--8:05 Break II
8:05--8:25 Critically acclaimed Poets Andy Clausen and Elizabeth Gordon
Andy will call in. Elizabeth in studio
8:30-8:50 Dream Segment: Calling in: Margarita, 8:30, Diane, 8:40
8:55--9:00 Closing, Street Philosopher Patrick Carlin

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