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The Tool Shed - 1/14/12

January 14, 2012

* Hemingway-The Old Man and the Sea
* The Steve Miller Band-Fly Like an Eagle
* Black [email protected] Sabbath-Wicked World
* Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem-Can You Picture That
* King Crimson-Book of Saturdays
* Stevie Wonder-Too High
* CSN-Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
* Jane's Addiction-Ted Just Admit it...
* The Rolling Stones-No Expectations
* Brak-I Like Hubcaps
* Frank Zappa-200 Motels intro & Mystery Roach
* Hendrix-Rock Me Baby
* ELO-I Can't Get it out of my Mind
* DEVO-Uncontrollable Urge
* Jesus Christ Superstar-Judas' Death
* Bowie-Ashes to Ashes
* The Beatles-Savoy Truffle
* Johnny Thunders-You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
* Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West-Frettin Fingers
* Alice Cooper-Halo of Flies

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